Press Release
RankSpeed Launches Sentiment Search Engine that Ranks Websites by Any Sentiment From the Twittersphere / Blogosphere

RankSpeed helps users find the best websites through a sentiment analysis on the Twittersphere / blogosphere

September 10, 2009 - RankSpeed, a new search tool, announced today the launch of its public beta that does a sentiment analysis on the Twittersphere / blogosphere to find the best websites, the most useful web apps, the most secure web services, etc...

Users can search for any website category using tags and rank by any criteria: good, useful, easy, secure, etc. For each result a statistical analysis computes the percentage of twitterers / bloggers who have said it is good, easy, ...

"Traditional search tools rank results by popularity", said Florent Voignier, CEO of RankSpeed. "But sometimes the best product or service is not the most popular. A statistical analysis helps us find which result is more often associated with good, great or other synonyms in blog posts and tweets."

Several sentiments can be entered to compare results by a set of subjective qualities defined by user: powerful, easy, secure, fast, etc.
For each sentiment a bar graph shows the percentage of bloggers who have expressed this opinion.

RankSpeed tracks 3 millions of websites, selects the most commented in the Twittersphere / blogosphere and ranks them by any criteria.