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RankSpeed Organizes Your Twitter Streams by Topics from Wikipedia

RankSpeed Announces a New Topic-based Filtering Technology

June 15, 2012 -- RankSpeed, the first sentiment-based search engine, today announced the launch of a new topic-based filtering technology available as a Twitter client for consumers and a simple API for developers.
RankSpeed helps users browse their social stream more easily and precisely filter what they want by organizing their feeds by topics and categories.

RankSpeed instantly arranges any feed by using the 3 million topics and 500,000 categories from Wikipedia. Tweets are grouped into topics and topics are sorted by Wikipedia categories.
Images from each topic allow users to navigate their stream visually and quickly discover what their friends are talking about.
Categories help users to precisely filter the topics they are interested in and show contextual information.
Users can easily add their own topics to track specific interests that are not yet covered by Wikipedia.

Finally, RankSpeed allows users to discover what topics their friends like or dislike by doing a sentiment analysis on historical user streams. One year of positive and negative tweets are tracked by RankSpeed and organized by topics.
Users can discover what products, services, celebrities, ... their friends have recommended or disapproved on Twitter.
RankSpeed ranks the 3 million Wikipedia topics by popularity or sentiment from the Twittersphere.

RankSpeed instant topic categorization can work on any data feed: Twitter home stream, mentions, lists, user profiles, realtime deals and coupons posted on Twitter, etc.
RankSpeed technology is improving over time as users can choose to block irrelevant topics.

About RankSpeed:

RankSpeed launched the first sentiment-based search engine that ranks websites and products by any sentiment expressed in Twitter and blogs. Today hundred companies that need to instantly understand what their customers think about their products are using RankSpeed sentiment analysis technology.

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